I come bearing both sad and good news, the sad part of it is that my mom is no longer with us. She passed away in the early hours of the morning on the 13th of April.

The good part of it is that she is finally where she always wanted to be - up in Heaven, no longer does she have to suffer the torments of this world. She was spared from what is to come.


I must say, I did not handle this very well at first, but God has been my Rock and my Comforter. He has been my strength through these hard times, I know that without Him, I would have drowned in my misery by now!


I really miss her! I realize now that I took too much for granted! I wish I could go back and latch onto her words and really pay attention to everything she ever taught me..


If I could give anyone advice, it would be to not take for granted the time you have with your loved ones..They are wise and you should pay attention to what they say, don't wait until it is too late!


Just tonight I was listening to a song - Seasons Change by Susie Suh.. My mom would have totally loved that song! I had it when she was still here, I just never got around to sharing it with her because 'life' was too busy! Too many things that 'had' to be done!


I look back now, trying to find reason, meaning, purpose.. I only see one thing.. And that is God

There is nothing else worth spending your time on, because it really means nothing in the end! Everything we do in this world, that is only of worldly value, all amounts to nothing! 

People spend their whole lives working and working, neglecting their family and friends, thinking that one day they will be a success.. Unfortunately when you die, you do not take your 'success' with you.. The only thing you can wish for is that when your time finally comes to leave this world, you would have affected someone in a godly way.

When I pass away, the only thing I want is for someone to stop in their tracks and realize what I have realized


I know that she is happy where she is, and even though I am going to miss her more and more with each passing day - I would never wish her back here... I only wish to be up there with her soon

 Rest In Peace Mom xxx