So much has happened this year already!

Not as much on the outside as on the inside.. I feel as though I understand more about life, and as if my brain is just opening up to everything, its so amazing!

I have been reading Joseph Prince's book called Gods Unmerited Favour.. It is so interesting! Joseph Prince is by far my most favourite preacher, his preaching style is just so amazing!

As well as that, I have been listening to a series called Winning Gods Approval by Zac Poone.. That is such an amazing series as well, Zac Poone speaks on how we are all accepted by God, but we need to go the extra mile to be approved by Him. He goes through the bible and points out the times God tested His people and weather they passed the test or not.. If you can get yourself that series then I suggest you do, its really amazing and gets you thinking!


So.. I had quite an eventful weekend as well. I am busy designing a logo - I am planning on starting photography so I have been busy getting that going :)


Then on Sunday, we went to Krugersdorp Nature Reserve for a small braai and on the way back we went through the poor area there.. It is like a whole other world there! The people are so different and their lives are so different!

They are the type of people that appreciate the small things in life!

No matter where you are here, people are always in a rush and they are seemingly so self absorbed, but there, in that poor area, the people are so friendly towards you and they go out of their way to come and help you with anything.. You have families walking down the road together, friends hanging out by the park, its just such and amazing vibe you get there!

I really think that some of the poor people there are a lot happier than some of the rich people here!













I have never seen anything like that before! Its so sad to see how little these people have! I know that there is an organization called Sopkumbuis that is helping them out with some things, so I am planning on getting hold of them and seeing what they are helping out with and then seeing what I can do for them.


I would love to get together some children's Christian story books and some bibles for the grown ups

I think in a place like that, God would be very welcomed and appreciated :)


There arent very many people that know about them so it would be nice to also raise awareness of them so that more people could help out


So.. I will get working on that and let you all know how its going at a later stage :)


I hope everyone has an amazing day!