So I had wanted to write a blog about my shoot at the Vaal before I left but there was so much to do and I only have free time now!


I went for a shoot  on the 18th of December at the Vaal.. I have seen the unedited pics and they look awesome! I can't wait to see the completed images! :)


So while I was there shooting these 2 gorgeous little girls were sitting there watching, and as I went to change they went and asked the photographer if I am a model and if I could sign their books..

Then they hopped onto their quad and off they went home, they got back a few minutes later and I signed their books for them, then I continued with my shoot and the while they were there taking pics with their cell phone


A bit later on they went and got their mom to come and see me, and she said that her little girls were absolutely star struck!


I asked them if they wanted to be in a photo with me and they were so delighted! They immediately said yes then turned around and said, "Mommy, mommy, we are going to have a photo with the supermodel!" :)


It was all such an inspiration to me and this is the reason I first wanted to start modeling, so that I could be a good influence to the younger generation of today :)


I get asked for advice from a lot of girls about modeling, and back when I started, I was the girl asking the other models what I can do to be a good model, and so I am honoured to be that person for someone else!


I have a few basic starting tips -

  • Learn: From each shoot you do, look at your faults and fix them! You need to be the worst critic towards yourself or else you are not going to advance

  • Be Confident
    : Being all cute and shy is not going to get you far, you need to be confident, and if you dont feel it, just remember, you are playing the part of someone else.

    I personally think that modeling is acting, just without the talking ;)
  • Advance: When you start modeling, you need to do free shoots, otherwise known as TFCD, and you need to do that so that you can learn your face and learn how to hold yourself and also get used to working with various other photographers, and you will start off with working with not so great photographers, but as you get better, then better photographers will want to work with you. The key thing to remember is to always go forward, so you work with better and better photographers, and never go back to the bad ones or else you are backsliding - it wont do anything good for your port.
  • Being A Model: You cant do a photoshoot then all of a sudden call yourself a model - you are a model when people pay you to go model.
  • Keep Your Morals: This one is the most important of them all! You need to keep to your morals and NEVER do anything that one day you will regret!
    It is very tricky in this day and age because no one seems like they even have morals to begin with! So don't be that person, stick to your morals and have self respect and dignity!



If you would like to ask me any questions regarding modeling or if you would just like some advice, dont hesitate to contact me through my contact page and I will get back to you



Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs :)