Wow! With each passing day I am more and more shocked with the self centeredness of everyone!

It is so hard to find someone who will go out of their way for you, no matter how close you are as friends! Their needs

  and wants consume them so much so that it's as if you just don't matter, the only time you matter is when it benefits them!

I was listening to a sermon and the preacher said that people are being taught "It's all about you! You need to fight for yourself because no one is going to fight for you" "You need to take care of yourself because no one is going to take care of you"

No where do they say "God is going to take care of you and He is going to fight for you" But that is really the truth! Take what you have and help someone else because God is going to take care of you!


Now, whoever is reading this can take it whichever way they want to, but I am not saying go give away everything you own and expect God to give you back what you will need. Just help people where you can and stop worrying about yourself so much!


Think of it this way - When we are small, our mom and dad takes care of us, so we don't worry about how the rent is going to be paid or where the food is going to come from, it's there and we trust it will be there because they take care of us. We do need to walk in order for God to guide us, but, we need to trust that He will do what He has said and take care of us!


I was just thinking the other day, it is beginning to get rather bad in this world, with everything and everyone using The Lords name in vain and with all the 'promotion' of sex and violence, and with all the disgusting music, that, I don't actually want to be in this world anymore, I mean, if you do not listen to a lot of Christian music and constantly surround yourself with God and other Christians, then your mind becomes so consumed with this other rubbish and it all happens without you even knowing it, next minute you are feeling lost and like you have drifted away from God, only because for 2 little days, there is just so much bad that it completely fills your mind! And if it is like this now, I don't want to know how much worse it is going to be! So, I just hope we will be going to heaven soon!


Now, back to the first topic; people letting you down. It hurts, a lot, especially when you have done so much for that person and when you would go out of your way for that person, but they would not do the same for you! It is so hard to keep being the person that goes out of the way when at the end everyone takes advantage of it! It is so hard to not turn into the person that can only think of themselves and their own needs!

I don't know why, and in the state of this world, I don't know how, but The Lord keeps me at a place where I can think of other people, and I can see what they are going through, and not just see it, but feel it! God has helped me to really care about people and their situations, and I must admit, there are times when I get self centred and I think that whoever the person is could have just done this one thing for me or gotten off early just once for me, and I defend that action to myself with the thought of "If it were me, I would have done it!"

I fear that that is where I fall short, when I do something, I feel like the other person should do it back if need be, and thus, I get an expectation of that person, but no one will ever meet our expectations! Expectations are the doom of all relationships, and once we understand that, we can all be better people :)


So, I would like you to take a look at your life, and how you are towards people, and see if you can go out of your way for someone, and possibly try make that your habit, without having any expectation of them doing the same for you!

Actually, rather expect them not to, and when they do, it will be just that much better!


When we die, everything we have done for ourselves will amount to nothing! But what we have done for others, will be our legacy. That is where we will be remembered!