So I recently went on a modeling trip to the Northern Cape... Wow! What a stunning place!

It is so amazing how vastly different it is from Gauteng! They were fixing up the roads there so there were a lot of stop and go's, but no toll gates!

We didnt go through a single toll gate - yet they manage to maintain their roads

Funny how we have to have toll gates all over Gauteng to maintain these roads! And after looking at the prices, it seems rather ridiculous!

I would really like to see what they do with the people that dont sign up for the e-toll, its not like they can put them in jail!

Someone said the other day that if they put the fuel up by just 5 cents, then the money they would get from that would cover all the road works! But no, instead they build toll gates and apparently use the money for the roads, and then they ALSO put the fuel costs up!


You know, coming from Zim, I was there when it was good and I lived there through the bad and I was still there when it started picking itself up again, and all I can say is that South Africa is going the same way, its just taking longer because there are more people, but, one day it will eventually be just like Zim!


Anyway, I was actually planning on writing about fitness today, so I am going to go back to my original topic :) hehe

So I had to take a week off of gym for my Northern Cape trip, and I was so relieved! As I have been going to gym 3 times a week and dancing classes and Pilates classes in between the gym, so I was pooped!!

But the "rest" turned out to be not so great! I am on my second week back and I am still battling to get back to the fitness level that I left with.. But, fingers crossed, by next week I will be back on track!


This last weekend was very eventful! On Friday we went for birthday drinks, and got home a bit too late, I was up at 6am for work, worked the whole day, then went to a house warming then danced, eventually I got home at 4am! Sunday I was up at 7am to get ready for the FHM Ford Performance Day, then I spent the whole day there, but that was a lot of fun!

There are pictures posted on my page, if you wanna have a look, here is the link -


Otherwise, my life is looking rather bright lately!

I might have some really amazing news this weekend, and if so, I will be sure to post about it :)


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!x