My blog for today is a very emotional one, coming straight from my heart!
My issues I have that I am going to be talking about is how God has been taken out of everything we do.

I was listening to a sermon by Carter Colon the other day and he said something that got my brain going - he said something along the lines of, (this is my interpretation of what he said) "How can the world be wondering and asking why everything is becoming such a disaster, when Christ is being pushed out of this world!"

My thoughts to that is as follows - how are you supposed to raise your children to know and love God when all they learn about in school is science and evolution?!
When I was in school, every morning we had our prayers in the hall and we sang Christian songs and then we started our day.. Not anymore! You have to specifically send your child to a Christian school for that to happen! And unfortunately, Christian schools are rather expensive, so if you are not making a lot of money, or if you have too many children, you will have to put them into a government school and then they will learn about how science made the world come into being, and not about God, and how it was in fact God that created the world!

And as well as that, there is nothing relating to God anywhere these days! By anywhere I am referring to the city life - I recently went on a trip to Hazy View and I was amazed and delighted with how in touch that community is with God, because in Gauteng, there is nothing of the sort there!

I do not watch TV, and lately, I barely listen to music that is not Christian music, because when I do watch something on TV, they seem to love using The Lord's name in vain and they don't even beep it out anymore! They beep out the slightest swear word, but using The Lord's name in vain seems to be common language, and so the children grow up seeing that on tv the whole day, and thus, it has become the new normal way of talking!
As for the music, as well as using The Lord's name in vain, there is a whole other kind of messed up in the music industry!
Let me give you a word of advice - you know that song that you currently love - go read the lyrics and think about this.. The lyrics they write, are what they actually went through, felt or saw, it is all literal! So when some rapper sings about selling his soul to the devil, he isn't saying it to mean something else - he actually did it!
And if you can't pick up anything bad in the song, then watch the video!

If you open your mind and allow God to show you the evil in the world, then He will!
God will always show you the truth, but you have to be willing to see it!

I know from personal experience that when I drift away from The Lord, my life becomes an utter disaster! I can't think straight, I fight with everyone that means anything to me and the petty things start consuming my mind, leaving no space for the actual important things in my life, and then all hell breaks loose, and when that happens, I know how hard it is to go back to God, because the guilt of leaving takes over! But one thing we need to understand in this day and age is this - God looks at us through Jesus! In God's eyes there is nothing wrong with us, we are perfect! The reason we apologise and repent is for ourselves, we do it so that the guilt that consumes us, no longer has a hold over us!

The MOST disturbing thing that is happening in this day and age is that they have taken Christ out of Christmas, I am meaning literally and metaphorically! They have changed the spelling to x-mas.... I do not agree with that whatsoever, Christmas is called Christmas for a reason!
And its not all about family and loved ones and giving and receiving, and most of all, it is not about Santa Claus - IT IS ABOUT CHRIST!
It is the birthday of Christ, but the world has turned it into being about Santa Claus and presents!

The world has pushed Christ out of
Our schools
Out of Easter
Out of Christmas
And slowly but surely, out of our lives!

One thing I have always said and I will say again is this -
"I will rather live, believing in God, only to die and find out He is not there,
Than to live, constantly wondering and in doubt, and following my own ways, and find out He is there!"

What have you got to loose in believing in Christ?
But not believing in Him, you have everything to loose!

In conclusion: I urge everyone to stop blindly following the world and what it is conforming to, and rather pray about everything, and let God show you which way He wants you to go!
We NEED God now more than ever!

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)