Born in Zimbabwe (the last child out of 6), and proud of my heritage. The country may have its own issues but deep within lies unchangeable beauty!

I was born on a little farm on GoodHope Street, a short while out of Harare. And I have recently learnt that I actually prefer the country side rather than the city life! There is nothing better than waking up each morning and marvelling at God’s creations! :)

I moved to South Africa in 2010, and as much as I love my home town, I am also glad to call South Africa my new home.

I have been modeling both photography and ramp since 2010.

As well as that, I have a very strong passion for dancing. I am a freestyle club dancer; I have danced at several events in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

During the day I work as a Graphic and Web Designer. I have always loved creating things, so this is more of a hobby than a job – a hobby I get paid for :)

In my spare time I cleanse my soul by writing poetry. It’s the perfect medium to support and express all my emotions, be them dark and gloomy or ecstatically joyful, whatever dramatic emotion I feel is always good for writing!

I like to think of myself as a free spirit. I have much appreciation for planning, but in my personal life and with regards to my future, I choose to rather live in the moment, taking each day as it comes without a solid plan for what is to happen next. A thrill of the unexpected perhaps.


When it comes to work, I pride myself in being very dedicated and determined, taking note of my short comings as there is always room for improvement.
It has been said by many people that I am a fast learner, and I aim to be as I am eager to please.

What it boils down to is; life is something that should be enjoyed, not something to grudgingly endure, therefore I do what I love and I love what I do!